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February 2020

Why Highett Metal are the Ideal Aluminium Suppliers

Aluminium is one of the most versatile metals world-wide and is a critical component in a wide range of industries; including construction, transportation, electrical and consumer goods.

September 2019

Effective Ways to Reduce Scrap Metal at Your Workplace

Reducing waste should be the priority of every business; we are becoming more aware about the impacts of mining and manufacturing virgin materials and the addition of excess waste into landfill.

July 2019

Most Common Uses for Aluminium

Aluminium is also one of the most easily recycled metals, so this guide may be especially helpful if you are trying your hand at metal recycling – it can direct you to where to look.

February 2019

Why Choose Highett Metal for Metal Recycling?

As we become more environmentally conscious, we continuously look for ways to reduce the impact we have on the earth. From banning plastic bags to saying no to straws, for the most part, we try our best to be good global citizens.

February 2019

Metal Suppliers in Melbourne: Why Choose Highett?

When it comes to metal, it’s no surprise that you want the best for your business. Whether you’re looking for aluminium, copper or brass, there is no end to the number of products you can create when working with a premium quality material.

December 2018

Metal Recycling Made Easy – Contact Highett, The Best Scrap Metal Dealers

Whether you want to try your hand at scrap metal recycling or you want to cut the hassle out from the process, then you’ve come to the right place. Highett Metal are one of the best scrap metal dealers in Melbourne, and we’re incredibly proud of the premium service that we offer our customers.

May 2018

No More Cash For Scrap Metal As Of May 30th 2018

“We are making it harder for criminals to use the auto-wrecking and scrap-metal industries as an avenue for quick cash,” said Minister for Consumer Affairs, Marlene Kairouz.

July 2016

What Are Some Metals That Can Be Recycled?

Did you know that many metals can be melted down repeatedly without compromising their strength or durability? This makes them ideal for recycling, as they can be used again and again.

March 2016

How Do You Choose A Scrap Yard?

When choosing a scrap yard, many people make the mistake of simply looking for the best prices in the area. Whilst this is certainly important, there are a number of other factors that you should consider.

October 2015

Physical Properties Of Aluminium As Shared By Aluminium Suppliers In Australia

As a premium aluminium supplier in Australia, we know the physical properties of this invaluable metal inside out and back to front.

June 2015

State of the Recyclable Metal Market June 2015

The Recyclable Metal Market has fallen on some very tough times of late, especially in Australia. Rumours are circulating that if there is not a very significant rise in commodity prices very soon, that scrap dealers like ourselves, could drop the price of delivered Steel Scrap to zero.

April 2015

Common Questions About Getting Cash For Scrap Cars

Whilst some people are simply unaware that they can get cash for scrap cars, others are unsure about what the process actually entails.

April 2013

How To Cut Through Brass Rod

Do you regularly work with brass rod and find that you need to cut through the metal on the odd occasion?

April 2013

A Guide To Calculating The Resistance Of Copper Sheet

The resistance is the name given to a metal property that describes how hard it is for an electrical current to pass through a particular object.

April 2013

A Guide To Selling An Old Refrigerator As Scrap Metal

Every single piece of metal has some worth, even those old and broken down appliances that you have lying around your garage or shed.

March 2013

How To Properly Drill Into Aluminium Rods

There are a number of applications for aluminium rods across a wide range of industries, mostly because this is such a lightweight metal and is fairly easy to drill through.

February 2013

What Is Copper Carbonate Used For?

When a copper atom loses one or two of its electrons it forms positively charged ions known as Cu+1 and Cu+2.

February 2013

How To Properly Bend An Aluminium Rod

As aluminium is a lightweight metal that possesses an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio, it is commonly formed into rods that are used in a variety of applications, from cars to backpacks.

February 2013

How To Clean Brushed Aluminium

You are likely to find brushed aluminium in a number of places throughout your daily life

January 2013

How To Straighten Copper Wire

When it comes to wiring, copper is probably one of the most malleable and dexterous that you can use.

January 2013

How Matching Can Cause Distortion In Aluminium Alloys

An alloy is created when aluminium is combined with another metal, commonly copper, silicon, zinc or magnesium.

December 2012

How To Remove Ink Stains From Metal

Often, when you receive metal supplies that you have ordered for your business, you will find that someone has written on some of the surfaces.

December 2012

How To Remove Red Colored Corrosion From Brass

When brass has been exposed to oxygen for extended periods of time, you may notice that it has started to develop some reddish colored splotches here and there.

November 2012

How To Remove Powder Coating From Aluminium

A very common way to paint aluminium is with powder coating; it is sprayed onto the metal when it is very hot, where the powder melts and creates a secure bond that will last for many years.

November 2012

How To Remove Burns From Copper Pots

One of the more popular applications for copper today is cookware, especially in the creation of pots and pans.

October 2012

How To Remove The Copper Wiring From Your Power Cord

As anyone involved in the scrap industry would know, copper is one of the most valuable metals in existence.

October 2012

How To Remove Rust From Metal

When we leave metal objects outside, such as your first car (which you couldn't
bear to part with) or the playground you bought your kids, it is just a fact of
nature that they will begin to corrode over time.

September 2012

What Is Prepared Scrap Metal?

When scrap metal is referred to as being 'prepared', it means that it has been cut to a certain length, as determined by the particular dealer and the type of metal that it is.

September 2012

A Guide To Working With Copper Sheeting

There are a number of applications that require the use of copper sheeting, including crafts and even kitchen accents.

August 2012

How To Tell The Difference Between Copper And Brass

Many people can struggle to tell the difference between some metals, and it's no wonder in many cases - brass, for example, is actually an alloy that has been created through the combination of copper and zinc.

August 2012

How To Remove An Old Engraving From Brass

Engraving is the name given to a technique that is used to literally carve a design or a word into the surface of a metal, such as brass.

July 2012

How To Passivate Copper

The term 'passivation' refers to treating metal with chemical baths in order to make them permanently resistant to corrosion.

July 2012

How To Paint Cast Aluminium

There are a number of applications in our homes and workplaces that make use of cast aluminium, including outdoor furniture and boat manufacture.

June 2012

How Is Aluminium Extracted From Bauxite Ore?

Did you know that aluminium as we know it is not found like this naturally? Even though this handy material is found in over 250 different mineral compounds, it has to be extracted from bauxite, an ore that is mined worldwide.

June 2012

How To Best Cut Thin Sheet Metal

As long as you take the proper safety precautions and have prepared the correct tools, cutting a thin piece of sheet metal can be as simple as cutting a piece of paper.

June 2012

How To Properly Seal Copper

Over time, copper is known to lose its sheen and luster due to the oxidization that occurs when the metal is exposed to the elements.

June 2012

How Is Scrap Metal Turned Into New Materials?

When you throw out your old aluminium soft drink cans or sell your old bomb of a car to a junkyard, have you ever wondered how all of this scrap metal is turned into something new?

May 2012

How To Burnish Metal

If you have never heard of it before, burnishing describes the process of polishing metal in order to give it a smooth and shiny finish.

May 2012

How To Weld Copper

Whilst copper and copper-nickel alloys are highly useful metals that have a range of applications around our homes, they can be a little difficult to weld, especially for someone who is new the process.

May 2012

How To Remove An Anodizing Coating From Aluminium

Whilst anodizing is often applied to aluminium in order to make the metal stronger and more durable, it can have a negative affect on its appearance and texture. If you would like to polish your aluminium up, you may be interested in learning how to remove the anodizing coating.

April 2012

How To Solder Copper Wire

As copper wiring is used so widely throughout our homes, the need to solder it may occasionally arise. Perhaps your kids have managed to dislodge a wire in an electric toy, for example. Soldering copper is a fairly easy task for the homeowner to complete, providing that they follow a few simple instructions.

April 2012

What Causes Metal To Corrode?

The sight of corroded metal will be a common occurrence for many people - you go outside to ride your bike and notice a red-brown rust on the frame after leaving it out in the rain; you walk past your beloved old care only to see the body has started to become rusted out after years of disuse.

April 2012

Can You Sell Your Old Car As Scrap Metal?

There are actually a surprising number of people who have a rusted out scrap car taking up valuable space on their property. Perhaps it was your pride and joy in its prime, but old age has simply had its toll, or perhaps you simply got into an accident and never got around to disposing of the mess properly.

April 2012

How To Remove Cement Stains From Aluminium

If you have stored aluminium sheets or machining bars nearby to where some cement works are being completed, you may look at your metal at a later date only to find that it has been stained with flecks of cement. These sorts of stains can be highly difficult to remove, as they tend to settle more quickly then other types of stains.

March 2012

How To Get Scrap Metal Ready For Sale

If you have been steadily growing a collection of scrap metal to sell on to a dealer, you need to ensure that you have properly cleaned it before selling to ensure that you get the best price possible. Some scrap yards are also known to reject metals that are overly dirty, as it adds extra weight (which they then have to pay you for) and it is very detrimental to the melting process of the metal.

March 2012

How To Melt Copper Wire

If you ever come across the need to melt down some copper wire perhaps you want to create something new out of your scrap metal or you need to attach the wires to another metal surface - you may look at the wiry strands and wonder how on earth you hope to achieve this.

March 2012

How To Temper Brass

When brass is worked, through bending, hammering or shaping, it can start to harden and become increasingly difficult to work further. If your brass has gotten to this point but you still need to finishing shaping it, you will need to temper the metal in order to return it to its softer state. This process involves heating the brass to a point where the atoms are energized enough to rearrange themselves back into layers and then cooling it.

March 2012

The Truth About Scrap Metal

When it comes down to it, there is a lot about scrap that people just never knew before. This has led to all sorts of misconceptions about the selling and buying of scrap, as well as many myths surrounding the metal's worth. In order to sort out the real from the fabricated

February 2012

How To Weld Brass

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is a highly useful metal that has many applications in both the commercial and personal industries. It is, however, a difficult metal to weld as copper and zinc have very different melting points (zincs is much lower). This can be off-putting to many people but, by following these easy instructions, you will find welding brass a breeze.

February 2012

What Is Scrap Metal Theft?

Whilst the phrase 'scrap metal theft' is one that is quite often tossed around, there may be people around who don't know what exactly it is referring to. Sure, it has something to do with people stealing old, dumped scrap – but is this all?

February 2012

How To Dispose Of Scrap In Australia

If you find yourself in possession of a lot of scrap in Australia that you want to get rid of, there are a number of options to do this without being forced to illegally dump the metal. There are council collection days and sites as well as the option of selling it, all of which are more environmentally friendly and considerate than illegal scrap dumping.

January 2012

How To Properly Care For Brass

Whilst brass is known for its attractive colouring and versatility, it is a much more malleable metal than other types so it is important to ensure that all machining bars are handled carefully to avoid the risk of damage. Therefore, the proper care and maintenance of your brass bars should begin the moment you receive them.

January 2012

How Is Scrap Metal Processed?

Have you ever sold scrap metal to a wrecking yard and wondered what happened to it? Or perhaps you've been thinking about selling some of your scrap and are curious about the recycling route? The first step that scrap undergoes once it is sold is known as processing.

December 2011

How To Properly Care For Aluminium

The proper care and maintenance of your aluminium machining bars should begin the moment you receive them. Whilst the metal is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion some alloys can be quite soft, so it is important to make sure that all aluminium bars are carefully handled and cleaned to avoid any possibility of staining and damage.