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November 2012

How To Remove Burns From Copper Pots

One of the more popular applications for copper today is cookware, especially in the creation of pots and pans. When the metal has been overheated, you may notice that it develops burn marks, especially on the bottom. Whilst these sorts of marks won’t affect the integrity of your copper pots, it does make them appear a little worse for wear. Fortunately, these burns can be removed.

Step 1: Cut a lemon in half and dip one of these halves into a dish of kosher salt, ensuring that the entire face has been covered. Then, rub the lemon onto the burned copper to help remove the stains.

Step 2: Take a dish scrubber and use it to work the salt and lemon juice deeper into the burns. Then, give the copper a good rinse with clean water to remove the remnants of the lemon scrub and the marks.

Step 3: Fill the kitchen sink with enough white vinegar to cover any remaining burn marks and place the copper pot into the liquid. Leave the metal to sit this way for about 10 minutes, then scrub the marks and rinse.

Step 4: Any remaining burn marks can be removed with a generous layer of tomato sauce. Leave the pot to sit like this for up to 30 minutes, then wash with dishwashing liquid, rinse and dry.

Whilst removing burn stains from copper is not an overly difficult process, it is always best to prevent them occurring in the first place. Whilst the above instructions are specifically for cookware, you might find that it works on other copper objects that have been overheated (and the tomato sauce step will actually help to remove tarnish, too!).