Free bin supply + pick up for Industrial customers.


February 2019

Why Choose Highett Metal for Metal Recycling?

As we become more environmentally conscious, we continuously look for ways to reduce the impact we have on the earth. From banning plastic bags to saying no to straws, for the most part, we try our best to be good global citizens. However, there are more ways to reduce our impact than cutting out plastics! Mining virgin metals can put a significant strain on the immediate environment and using recycled metal can produce products that are just as durable. In order to access these materials, metal recycling is critical – which is where Highett comes in! Make us your go to recycling destination, and you can help the planet and make a bit of extra money on the side.

  • Highly Experienced

As one of Melbourne’s most established facilities, you can be confident we have the skills and resources needed to offer you a premium service. After serving the region for almost 60 years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a team as committed and experienced as Highett!

  • Competitive Pricing

We know that getting the most bang for your buck is important – that’s why we offer competitive pricing on all the metal we buy. Unfortunately, as prices change daily, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal or not. That’s why we’ve developed a Scrap Mobile App, allowing you to check in on our price list at your convenience.

  • Easy Payment

Unfortunately, recent changes to laws mean we can no longer give cash for scrap. That doesn’t mean you’ll be walking away empty handed though! We can now offer bank transfers via EFT for a quick payment, or issue bank cheques on the spot – the choice is yours!

  • Bin Supply

It isn’t only members of the public that love to take advantage of our facilities. It’s an excellent way for businesses to reduce their waste and increase their profits. We offer our industrial customers a free bin supply, along with pick-up and delivery, to make it even easier for them!

  • Weighbridge on Site

Available to both public and businesses, our weighbridge is located on site to ensure you’re always carrying a safe load. The weight of metal can quickly add up, and we want all our customers to drive within their limits. Capable of measuring up to 80 metric tonnes, it’s a quick and easy way to check that your load is legal before hitting the road.

  • Customer Service

Family owned and ran, we know how important feeling at home is – which is why we pride ourselves on making sure everyone we interact with feels confident and comfortable, offering unparalleled customer service to every single person who steps onto our facility. Come visit us and see for yourself!

As you can see, when you partner with the right company, metal recycling doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting. By doing your research, you can quickly turn old pieces of scrap into money on the side. If you have more questions, or you’d have metal that you’d like to despose of, please don’t hesitate to contact the best – and most well-established – team in Melbourne. At Highett Metal, we’re always here to help. Our facility is open from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, whilst our scrap metal app is updated constantly!