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April 2015

Common Questions About Getting Cash For Scrap Cars

Whilst some people are simply unaware that they can get cash for scrap cars, others are unsure about what the process actually entails. We understand that you are likely to have a number of questions about selling your car for scrap, which is why we have aimed to answer as many of the common ones as possible.

  • What sorts of cars can be sold?
    We accept all makes and model, so basically any vehicle that you no longer have need for! We don’t mind whether the car is wrecked or totaled, rusted, not running, otherwise damaged or even brand new – we accept them all and pay competitive prices for them, too.
  • How do I get an estimate?
    The best way to get an estimate on your vehicle is to bring it into our facility; one of our expert workers will look over it and determine a price based on the condition of the metal. It may also be possible to provide an estimate based on a photograph; please contact us for more information.
  • Can my car be picked up?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange vehicle pick up at this time. If your vehicle is running, you are welcome to drive it into our facility yourself (don’t forget to obtain a permit, if required). If it’s not, you will need to have it towed into our warehouse. We can advise the number of a reliable person for this service.
  • How do you dispose of the car?
    When getting cash for scrap, we understand that you want to ensure it is being disposed of in as eco friendly way where possible. We strip the vehicle down, setting aside parts and metals that are still usable for recycling. Everything else is disposed of according to legal requirements.
  • Why should I choose you?
    There are plenty of reasons why you should dispose of your old scrap through Highett Metal – we pay you cash on the spot, EFT or send a cheque in the mail, we supply our industrial customers with free bins, we’re open Monday to Friday from 8am, and we’ve been in business since 1961!

We hope that all your questions about getting cash for scrap cars have been addressed in the list above - if not, we encourage you to speak with one of our helpful team members! They are more than happy to answer queries and provide advice about disposing of your old vehicles. See you in the warehouse!