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December 2012

How To Remove Red Colored Corrosion From Brass

When brass has been exposed to oxygen for extended periods of time, you may notice that it has started to develop some reddish colored splotches here and there. This is a type of oxidization, and can really affect the aesthetic appeal of the brass objects in your home. Fortunately, there is a way that you can remove this corrosion and return the metal to its former glory.

Step 1: Use a clean cloth to give the brass object a thorough wipe down; this will remove any fingerprints or skin oils that it has managed to attract.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of paint stripper to a clean cloth and use it to rub the object gently, focusing especially on the corroded areas. The stripper should remove any sealant that was applied to the brass.

Step 3: Use a piece of the finest grade steel wool to gently rub at the areas of the brass that have become oxidized until you cannot see the reddish coloring anymore. Give the object a wipe down to remove any steel wool residue and wash it with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Pat dry with a clean cloth.

When you’re finished, you might like to apply some brass cleaner to another clean cloth and use it to wipe over the surface of object. Not only will this ensure that the metal is completely clean, it will help to reseal it against any future corrosion. You may even like to have the object lacquered if you want to provide it with a longer lasting protection.