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February 2012

How To Dispose Of Scrap In Australia

If you find yourself in possession of a lot of scrap in Australia that you want to get rid of, there are a number of options to do this without being forced to illegally dump the metal. There are council collection days and sites as well as the option of selling it, all of which are more environmentally friendly and considerate than illegal scrap dumping.

There are many companies that will buy scrap in Australia from both residential and commercial areas. Not only do you make a small profit from doing this, but you can be sure that your scrap will be melted down and recycled into something new. Use the internet to research companies in your area that will do this.

Every Australian local council arranges free hard rubbish collections once or twice a year for residents. This allows you to place one to two cubic metres of rubbish, including scrap metal, on your front nature strip to be disposed of by the council.

If you find yourself in need of scrap disposal at other times of the year, contact your council to arrange a collection from your house, which you will have to pay for, or take your scrap to Australian transfer stations where it will be sent for recycling.

Be aware of laws regarding scrap in Australia. If you would like to sell scrap to recycling companies, keep in mind that it is illegal to scavenge hard rubbish collections for scrap in Australia. It is also illegal to dump scrap in private or public areas, including your footpath or nature strip if a hard rubbish collection is not due. You can be fined and prosecuted if you are caught doing one of these things.

There are other options for disposing of scrap in Australia other than illegally dumping it. Save it for a hard rubbish collection or take it to a transfer station – you’ll be doing both yourself and the environment a favour.