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Why source Aluminium from us?

  • Quality assured supplier; ISO9001:2008
  • We supply customers both in Australia & New Zealand
  • Assurance of fully certified high quality aluminium bars
  • Prices to suit any budget
  • Available in lengths of 3.6 metres
  • We use the preferred alloys of 2011, 6061, 6020, 6262 and 7075
  • Specialising in aluminium rounds, hexes and squares
  • We’re continuously updating our stock numbers and huge selection of aluminium products

Dedicated Team

Highett Metal is dedicated to providing customers across Australia and New Zealand with high quality products and becoming the most sought after aluminium machining bar supplier.


We mainly specialise in round and hex concentric machining bars for auto lathes and high production engineering, particularly CNC machining. As an aluminium rod supplier, we really do have everything.

Finest Mills

We source our aluminium rods from some of the world’s finest mills so that you can be fully assured of their quality. We want you to be confident in the products you are purchasing from us.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are sure to suit any project and budget, ensuring that we can cater to the needs of all our customers, whether they require a single aluminium bar or a thousand.

Our extensive range of Aluminium includes:

aluminium plate

Aluminium Plate

aluminium rod

Aluminium Rod

aluminium tube coil

Aluminium Tube Coil