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June 2012

How To Properly Seal Copper

Over time, copper is known to lose its sheen and luster due to the oxidization that occurs when the metal is exposed to the elements. In order to prevent this from happening to your copper products, you should ensure that you properly seal it. Follow these instructions and you will find that your copper products retain their beauty well into the future:

Step 1: Give the copper item that you wish to seal a thorough clean. You need to ensure that there is no residue on the metal’s surface, as this will prevent the sealant from taking hold.

Step 2: Put on a protective mask, gloves and goggles or glasses, as the sealant you will use is toxic. Set up the area that you intend to use for sealing, ensuring that everything will be within easy reach.

Step 3: Take the sealant that you purchased from a hardware store earlier on and pour enough of it into a clean metal pan so that you can completely wet the applicator.

Step 4: Dip the applicator into the sealing, being sure to completely cover it and to squeeze out any excess coating.

Step 5: Apply a thin coat to your copper object, using smooth even strokes. If the applicator starts to stick, dip it into the sealant again and squeeze out the excess coating. You may need more than one coat, but should leave the copper to dry between each one.

Once your copper item has dried after its final coat, it should be well protected against the elements and the oxidization that they bring on. If your sealant looks a little streaky, your applicator has not been completely coated; you can fix this by dipping it completely back into the sealant.