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April 2013

How To Cut Through Brass Rod

Do you regularly work with brass rod and find that you need to cut through the metal on the odd occasion? Fortunately, you are able to complete this task yourself with the assistance of a trusty hacksaw. This is quite an easy process once you know what you are doing; before long you will be a real pro at cutting through the rod and getting on with your project.

Step 1: Secure the brass rod in a vise; make sure that the area you need to cut is close enough the teeth of the vise that it is perfectly stable and far enough away that you are able to saw with ease. You might like to place a rag in the vise to prevent marks from being left on the brass.

Step 2: Put on the necessary projective gear to ensure that flying bits of debris does not injure you. Safety glasses and goggles are a must, as tiny pieces of metal can cause real damage to eyes. You may also like to wear gloves and a breathing mask for additional protection.

Step 3 Use the saw to make a notch in the brass at the point where you need to make the cut. This will provide you with a track for the blade and will prevent it from slipping off in the wrong direction. Begin to cut, remembering to only put pressure on the downward stroke.

Step 4 Make sure that you support the other end of the rod as you near the end of the cut, as this will prevent it from bending or breaking before you finish. You can then smooth off the edge with a metal file to ensure that there are no sharp ridges or jagged edges.

Before beginning, make sure that the blade of your hacksaw is sharp; if possible, use a brand new blade for the best results. You should also tighten the saw’s nut until the frame begins to bow a little bit so that it is as taut as possible. This will allow you to cut through the brass rod quickly and effortlessly without worrying about breaking the blade or the metal.