Free bin supply + pick up for Industrial customers.

Sell Scrap

Scrap Metal Prices

The Highett Metal team are professional scrap metal buyers in Melbourne who can offer expert advice and service. Our prices are based on current market value and are always up to date!

Sell Aluminium Scrap

Got an abundance of aluminium cans lying around or some offcuts that you just never got rid of? Highett Metal is happy to buy all these types of scrap!

Sell Copper Scrap

Got left over copper lying around from a construction or renovation project? This metal is worth big bucks to collectors, so let Highett Metal take it off your hands!

Sell Brass Scrap

Got some old brass lying around and not sure what to do with it? Highett Metal accepts all kinds and specialises in purchasing swarf from industry.

Stainless Steel Scrap

Got a new kitchen sink and aren’t sure what to do with the old one? Why not bring it to Highett Metal; we recycle all kinds of stainless steel!

Sell Lead Scrap

Got some scrap lead lying around your property that you don’t want to leave around your children? Highett Metal would love to buy this metal and will dispose of it accordingly!

Cash for Cans

Got a bunch of aluminium cans left over from a party? Want to recycle the cans used by your school or organisation? Highett Metal can help!


Got an old auto or air conditioning radiator that is no longer needed or is damaged beyond repair? Highett Metal will happily take it off your hands!

Sell Car Scrap

Got an old car that you want to get rid of? Why not let Highett Metal take it off your hands, and make some quick money whilst you’re at it?