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July 2012

How To Paint Cast Aluminium

There are a number of applications in our homes and workplaces that make use of cast aluminium, including outdoor furniture and boat manufacture. Whilst it is a highly durable and corrosion resistant metal, however, aluminium does experience issues with paint peeling off. If you are hoping to paint your cast materials, the best way to prevent the colour from peeling right off is to properly prepare the surface.

Step 1: Thoroughly wash the surface of the cast aluminium item using a chemical degreaser and a plastic scrubbing brush. You need to make sure that any grease and other debris have been completely removed. Rinse the degreaser off with clean water and wipe the item with a soft cloth.

Step 2: Take an oil or a zinc based primer and apply it to the aluminium surface using a paintbrush or a roller. Leave to dry for at least two hours, then apply a second coat.

Step 3: Take an oil based paint in a colour of your choosing and begin applying it to the surface of your aluminium item using a paintbrush or roller. Only used oil based paints, as they will adhere to the primer much better than other types and will last much longer.

Step 4: Once dry, you can apply a second coat of the paint to the aluminium surface. Allow this one to dry for at least twenty-four hours before the item is ready to be used.

Even though you have properly prepped the surface of your cast aluminium for painting, it is important to remember that the paint will not last forever. Metals do not like to be painted and all the preparation in the world will not get it to stay on indefinitely, especially if your primer wasn’t as thick as it could have been. If you need to, redo the process every few years.