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March 2013

How To Properly Drill Into Aluminium Rods

There are a number of applications for aluminium rods across a wide range of industries, mostly because this is such a lightweight metal and is fairly easy to drill through. When the aluminium has been twisted into a rod, however, this can make the drilling process a little more difficult. Fortunately, even the most novice of workers will be able to drill through this metal, providing that they have access to the right tools.

Step 1: Select a drill bit that matches the size of the hole that you need to drill into the aluminium. If possible, try to use a brand new bit, as it will be sharp and much easier to work with.

Step 2: Attach the bit to your drill, making sure that you have properly locked it into place (if you haven’t, this could cause all sorts of problems when you power the drill).

Step 3: Lay the aluminium rod down on a flat work surface. Because it is circular in shape, you will need to secure the metal to the bench with clamps to keep it from rolling around.

Step 4: Use a permanent marker to indicate the spot where you need to drill a hole. This will help you to greatly improve your accuracy when attempting to drill through the metal.

Step 5: Turn the drill on and begin pushing the bit through the rod, making sure that you start at the point you marked. Try not to press too hard, as this can damage the aluminium.

If this is the first time that you have ever attempted drilling through a circular material, you might like to practice on an off-cut first. Just mark in a dot wherever you like and attempt to drill through the metal without missing or damaging it.

As you can see, drilling through aluminium rod successfully is all about having the right tools on hand and knowing what you’re doing. If you are nervous or hesitant, you are more likely to make a mistake that you are unable to fix or even to injure yourself whilst drilling. Whilst you do not need to mark the spot where you need to drill, it is recommended that you do so to improve your chances of getting the hole in the right spot.