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March 2012

How To Get Scrap Metal Ready For Sale

If you have been steadily growing a collection of scrap metal to sell on to a dealer, you need to ensure that you have properly cleaned it before selling to ensure that you get the best price possible. Some scrap yards are also known to reject metals that are overly dirty, as it adds extra weight (which they then have to pay you for) and it is very detrimental to the melting process of the metal. So, how do you clean scrap to get it ready for sale?

Begin by cutting off any non-metallic elements from your scrap (including rubber and plastic), as these parts are unable to be recycled and are useless for the dealers. Discard of these items in the rubbish. Make sure that you thoroughly scour the scrap for non-metallic parts, as they are known to hide in sneaky places.

Spray a degreaser on any parts of the scrap that appear to be oily and greasy. Leave this to set for around 30 minutes. Then, take a pressure washer (they are available for rent if you do not own one of your own) and use it to spray off all of the dirt, oil and other debris from the scrap. Be sure to wear safety goggles, as water or debris that is removed by a pressure washer can have quite a powerful force behind it.

Once you have allowed the water to drain away from your scrap and it has air dried for a few hours (or overnight), it is now ready to pack into your car or trailer and to be hauled to the dealer’s yard for selling. Remember that, by making your scrap look as good as possible, you are more likely to get the best price and find it much easier to offload.