Free bin supply + pick up for Industrial customers.


We offer free bin supply and pick up for our Industrial customers.

Highett Metal is equipped to offer our industrial customers with a wide range of bins, ensuring that your specific needs are met. We deliver waste bins across Melbourne, in sizes ranging from 200 litre drums to 7m long 30 cubic metre Dino’s – please browse our range above and let us know what type you are interested in.

We are able to provide long and short term industrial bin placement, ensuring that your needs are met. We can also arrange for your bin to be regularly changed. If you need a bin in Melbourne, no matter where you're located, please contact us to discuss the placement period that you require and we will be able to provide more accurate information.

Following are our bin types and sizes:

industrial bins melbourne

Type 3x3

Type 35m3 Dino bins

Type 35m3 Dino

Type 20m3 Dino bins

Type 20m3 Dino

Type 6x4 bins

Type 6x4

Type 3x2 bins

Type 3x2

Type 211 bins

Type 211

200 litre drums bins

200 litre drums