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Sep 2019

Effective Ways to Reduce Scrap Metal at Your Workplace

Reducing waste should be the priority of every business; we are becoming more aware about the impacts of mining and manufacturing virgin materials and the addition of excess waste into landfill.

Dec 2018

Metal Recycling Made Easy – Contact Highett, The Best Scrap Metal Dealers

Whether you want to try your hand at scrap metal recycling or you want to cut the hassle out from the process, then you’ve come to the right place. Highett Metal are one of the best scrap metal dealers in Melbourne, and we’re incredibly proud of the premium service that we offer our customers.

Mar 2016

How Do You Choose A Scrap Yard?

When choosing a scrap yard, many people make the mistake of simply looking for the best prices in the area. Whilst this is certainly important, there are a number of other factors that you should consider.

Jun 2015

State of the Recyclable Metal Market June 2015

The Recyclable Metal Market has fallen on some very tough times of late, especially in Australia. Rumours are circulating that if there is not a very significant rise in commodity prices very soon, that scrap dealers like ourselves, could drop the price of delivered Steel Scrap to zero.

Apr 2015

Common Questions About Getting Cash For Scrap Cars

Whilst some people are simply unaware that they can get cash for scrap cars, others are unsure about what the process actually entails.

Apr 2013

A Guide To Selling An Old Refrigerator As Scrap Metal

Every single piece of metal has some worth, even those old and broken down appliances that you have lying around your garage or shed.

Jun 2012

How Is Scrap Metal Turned Into New Materials?

When you throw out your old aluminium soft drink cans or sell your old bomb of a car to a junkyard, have you ever wondered how all of this scrap metal is turned into something new?

Mar 2012

The Truth About Scrap Metal

When it comes down to it, there is a lot about scrap that people just never knew before. This has led to all sorts of misconceptions about the selling and buying of scrap, as well as many myths surrounding the metal's worth. In order to sort out the real from the fabricated

Feb 2012

What Is Scrap Metal Theft?

Whilst the phrase 'scrap metal theft' is one that is quite often tossed around, there may be people around who don't know what exactly it is referring to. Sure, it has something to do with people stealing old, dumped scrap – but is this all?

Jan 2012

How Is Scrap Metal Processed?

Have you ever sold scrap metal to a wrecking yard and wondered what happened to it? Or perhaps you've been thinking about selling some of your scrap and are curious about the recycling route? The first step that scrap undergoes once it is sold is known as processing.