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May 2018

No More Cash For Scrap Metal As Of May 30th 2018

“We are making it harder for criminals to use the auto-wrecking and scrap-metal industries as an avenue for quick cash,” said Minister for Consumer Affairs, Marlene Kairouz.

Jul 2016

What Are Some Metals That Can Be Recycled?

Did you know that many metals can be melted down repeatedly without compromising their strength or durability? This makes them ideal for recycling, as they can be used again and again.

Sep 2012

What Is Prepared Scrap Metal?

When scrap metal is referred to as being 'prepared', it means that it has been cut to a certain length, as determined by the particular dealer and the type of metal that it is.

Apr 2012

Can You Sell Your Old Car As Scrap Metal?

There are actually a surprising number of people who have a rusted out scrap car taking up valuable space on their property. Perhaps it was your pride and joy in its prime, but old age has simply had its toll, or perhaps you simply got into an accident and never got around to disposing of the mess properly.

Mar 2012

How To Get Scrap Metal Ready For Sale

If you have been steadily growing a collection of scrap metal to sell on to a dealer, you need to ensure that you have properly cleaned it before selling to ensure that you get the best price possible. Some scrap yards are also known to reject metals that are overly dirty, as it adds extra weight (which they then have to pay you for) and it is very detrimental to the melting process of the metal.

Feb 2012

How To Dispose Of Scrap In Australia

If you find yourself in possession of a lot of scrap in Australia that you want to get rid of, there are a number of options to do this without being forced to illegally dump the metal. There are council collection days and sites as well as the option of selling it, all of which are more environmentally friendly and considerate than illegal scrap dumping.