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Apr 2013

How To Cut Through Brass Rod

Do you regularly work with brass rod and find that you need to cut through the metal on the odd occasion?

Dec 2012

How To Remove Red Colored Corrosion From Brass

When brass has been exposed to oxygen for extended periods of time, you may notice that it has started to develop some reddish colored splotches here and there.

Aug 2012

How To Remove An Old Engraving From Brass

Engraving is the name given to a technique that is used to literally carve a design or a word into the surface of a metal, such as brass.

Mar 2012

How To Temper Brass

When brass is worked, through bending, hammering or shaping, it can start to harden and become increasingly difficult to work further. If your brass has gotten to this point but you still need to finishing shaping it, you will need to temper the metal in order to return it to its softer state. This process involves heating the brass to a point where the atoms are energized enough to rearrange themselves back into layers and then cooling it.

Feb 2012

How To Weld Brass

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is a highly useful metal that has many applications in both the commercial and personal industries. It is, however, a difficult metal to weld as copper and zinc have very different melting points (zincs is much lower). This can be off-putting to many people but, by following these easy instructions, you will find welding brass a breeze.

Jan 2012

How To Properly Care For Brass

Whilst brass is known for its attractive colouring and versatility, it is a much more malleable metal than other types so it is important to ensure that all machining bars are handled carefully to avoid the risk of damage. Therefore, the proper care and maintenance of your brass bars should begin the moment you receive them.