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July 2019

Most Common Uses for Aluminium

Often considered one of the most important and versatile metals on Earth, Aluminium plays a critical role in our day-to-day lives – as we use at least one or two items each day that have been constructed with the metal. Though the full list of applications would be simply too long for us to list here, we hope this small guide to some of the most popular uses for aluminium will prove illuminating.

Aluminium is also one of the most easily recycled metals, so this guide may be especially helpful if you are trying your hand at metal recycling – it can direct you to where to look.


Thanks to its unbeatable strength to weight ratio, aluminium is a great choice for transportation – due to its light weight, the vehicle requires less force to move, leading to a greater fuel efficiency. Indeed, experts predict that by 2025, the amount of aluminium in a single car will have risen 60% when compared to the previous decade. Even spacecrafts are made from 50 to 90% aluminium alloy!


As an excellent electrical conductor, aluminium is often used in the place of copper for electrical wiring and cabling. As it is a far cheaper alternative, it is becoming more and more popular – weight for weight, it’s a better conductor as well! Not only a great choice for internal wiring, it is often used for power lines across long distances due to its ability to withstand the elements.           


Rust resistant and thermally efficient, aluminium is the perfect choice for building and construction. Homes, commercial and public spaces remain warmer in winter and cooler during summer, and its malleability (through welding) allows architects to create shapes and silhouettes that aren’t achievable with traditional building materials such as timber, plastic and steel.

Windows and Doors

Within the construction industry, aluminium is also a critical part of windows and doors, forming a light weight alternative to traditional timber frames. With the ability to be powder coated almost any colour imaginable, they can effortlessly complement any residential or commercial building. Not only that, they offer a more secure solution that many alternative frames.           

            Interior Design

Internally, aluminium makes a great choice for modern design. It can be easily shaped into furniture for a contemporary finish – and is ideal for everything from tables and chairs to lamps, picture frames and other decorative items.

Consumer Goods

The list of goods that aluminium is used for that ordinary people use in their daily lives is vast – for instance, aluminium is often used for packaging and cans, as it can withstand the pressure of carbonation from within. As it can be easily formed and shaped, it is the ideal choice for containing many food and beverage products.

Kitchen products, such as foil and even pots and pans are frequently made from aluminium – it conducts heat well, is non-toxic, resistant to rust and easy to clean!

It’s also an incredibly common material for the vast majority of our modern technology, including laptops and mobile phones.

After reading this short guide, it should come as no surprise how truly versatile aluminium is in its applications. Wide and varied, it is a critical component of an extensive range of products across almost all industries. As it can be easily recycled, it is an excellent metal to keep an eye out for, as it can be sold to metal recycling facilities across the region. From a small amount to a substantial quantity, reaching out to your local metal recyclers to learn more about selling used aluminium – remember, prices fluctuate daily, so it’s important to contact the business first.