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Scrap Metal Dealers

Highett Metal is a certified scrap metal dealer who has been in operation since 1961. We are also proud members of the Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association (AMRIA), which represents dealers all over Australia and helps to protect the rights of you, our customer. We offer our industrial customers free bin supply and pickup, and we have public weighbridge facilities available Monday to Friday.


Cash for Scrap Cars

We are proud to offer cash for scrap cars, regardless of whether they are in full working order or no longer run. We also accept all makes and models. Selling unwanted vehicles to use is a great way to ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We are currently unable to offer vehicle pickup, but you are welcome to drive, tow, truck or trailer the car into our warehouse where it will be processed.


Range of Scrap Metals

We accept a wide range of materials, including: radiators, cans copper, brass, stainless steel, lead, and aluminium scrap metal. Basically, anything that is comprised of metal can be recycled and we are happy to take it off your hands. We offer big bucks for your load and ensure that all metals are recycled appropriately, which puts less strain on our natural resources and reduces the amount that ends up in landfill.


Scrap Metal Prices

It is nearly impossible for us to provide scrap metal prices without first seeing what you have on offer. On top of the fact that the current prices are always changing, the worth of your scrap will depend on a number of factors (such as its purity, type and weight). Our mobile Scrap App can provide you with up-to-date pricing information – download it from the Apple Store today! – otherwise you can contact us directly.

Our Expertise
  • As a certified metal recycler, Highett Metal can take whatever scrap you have lying around off your hands. Our prices are based on the current market value, ensuring that you get the best possible deal.

    As a professional scrap metal dealer, we accept all kinds of scrap, including: aluminium, brass, bronze, cans, copper, lead, radiators and stainless steel. We can even help you to dispose of old junk cars.

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  • Cash for Scrap Cars

    Do you have an old vehicle that no longer runs, is going to cost more money to fix than it’s worth or is a complete write-off? If so, Highett Metal recommends selling your old car for scrap.

    We offer cash for scrap cars of all makes and models (from Alfa Romeo through to Volvo), and regardless of the vehicle’s condition. We also ensure that all vehicles are recycled in an eco friendly manner.

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  • Are you interested in getting cash for cans that you have lying around? Highett Metal is committed to keeping these items out of landfill, which is why we offer quality aluminium can recycling facilities.

    The cash a can scheme has done wonders for the environment and for industry as a whole – aluminium can be recycled over and over again without issue – which is why you should bring your collection to us.

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  • We supply quality aluminium plate, aluminium rod and aluminium tube coil. Our commitment to quality assurance has made us one of the most sought after suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Our aluminium has been sourced from some of the finest mills in the world and we have products available in price ranges to suit every budget. We want clients of all walks of life to have access to quality stock.

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  • We supply quality copper sheet and copper coil but we mainly specialise in large coils of copper tube, which are used in production engineering. Our range is ever expanding, ensuring that our client’s needs are met.

    Our copper has been sourced from some of the finest mills in the world, giving our clients peace of mind in regards to its quality. Our stock is also in constant demand from clients around Australia.

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  • We are a leading brass metal supplier worldwide. Our ever-increasing range includes brass rod, brass hex, brass round and brass bar, which are available in a variety of sizes (many of which we constantly have in stock).

    Our brass has been sourced from some of the finest mills in the world and we are fully certified under international standards. If required, we can accommodate same day delivery in the Melbourne metro area.

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