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April 2012

Can You Sell Your Old Car As Scrap Metal?

There are actually a surprising number of people who have a rusted out scrap car taking up valuable space on their property. Perhaps it was your pride and joy in its prime, but old age has simply had its toll, or perhaps you simply got into an accident and never got around to disposing of the mess properly. If this describes your situation, take solace in the fact that yes, you can sell your old car as scrap.

You will need to get your old car towed to a scrap dealer; many of these places will provide a towing service, but this is often at the cost of not being paid for the scrap they are able to salvage from your vehicle. Make an arrangement with the dealer that you are both happy with.

When it comes to actually paying you for your old car, the scrap dealer will look at a number of factors. Often, you can make upwards of $50 per tonne of scrap metal, but this will depend on the market value of metal at the time. You should also go through your car before taking it to the dealer, removing any rubbish or non-metal items that cannot be scrapped (dealers will often charge you if they are forced to get rid of these things).

Don’t worry about the oil and other liquids used in your old car’s engine – before crushing a car, the scrap dealer will effectively drain these fluids from the motor and dispose of them according to environmental guidelines. It really is easy to get rid of that scrap car rusting through in your backyard – all you have to do is organize a tow and the rest is done for you.