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December 2011

How To Properly Care For Aluminium

The proper care and maintenance of your aluminium machining bars should begin the moment you receive them. Whilst the metal is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion some alloys can be quite soft, so it is important to make sure that all aluminium bars are carefully handled and cleaned to avoid any possibility of staining and damage.

When receiving a delivery of aluminium materials, check that they have been fitted with a protective coating of either paper or plastic. This coating is easily removable, but should still be checked for damage that may have gone through to the metal inside. The packaging and pallets should also be checked for signs of wetness as this can cause water staining on some surfaces. Aluminium should always be stored indoors in dry conditions.

When handling aluminium machining bars, avoid letting them scrape against surfaces that are hard or sharp as this can damage the surface of the metal. At least two people should be used to stack and unstuck aluminium to prevent the bars from dragging against each other. Aluminium should never be walked on and a soft sling should be used for lifting heavy loads.

And finally, the best way to keep aluminium materials looking clean and new is to regularly clean the metal to remove any dirt. You should always use the least harsh method possible, starting with water, then mild soap or detergent, solvents such as turpentine, non-etching chemical cleaners, a wax-based polish, an abrasive wax, and finally an abrasive cleaner. Your aluminium bars should always be rinsed immediately after cleaning to prevent streaking and water stains.