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Apr 2013

A Guide To Calculating The Resistance Of Copper Sheet

The resistance is the name given to a metal property that describes how hard it is for an electrical current to pass through a particular object.

Feb 2013

What Is Copper Carbonate Used For?

When a copper atom loses one or two of its electrons it forms positively charged ions known as Cu+1 and Cu+2.

Jan 2013

How To Straighten Copper Wire

When it comes to wiring, copper is probably one of the most malleable and dexterous that you can use.

Nov 2012

How To Remove Burns From Copper Pots

One of the more popular applications for copper today is cookware, especially in the creation of pots and pans.

Oct 2012

How To Remove The Copper Wiring From Your Power Cord

As anyone involved in the scrap industry would know, copper is one of the most valuable metals in existence.

Sep 2012

A Guide To Working With Copper Sheeting

There are a number of applications that require the use of copper sheeting, including crafts and even kitchen accents.

Aug 2012

How To Tell The Difference Between Copper And Brass

Many people can struggle to tell the difference between some metals, and it's no wonder in many cases - brass, for example, is actually an alloy that has been created through the combination of copper and zinc.

Jul 2012

How To Passivate Copper

The term 'passivation' refers to treating metal with chemical baths in order to make them permanently resistant to corrosion.

Jun 2012

How To Properly Seal Copper

Over time, copper is known to lose its sheen and luster due to the oxidization that occurs when the metal is exposed to the elements.

May 2012

How To Weld Copper

Whilst copper and copper-nickel alloys are highly useful metals that have a range of applications around our homes, they can be a little difficult to weld, especially for someone who is new the process.

Apr 2012

How To Solder Copper Wire

As copper wiring is used so widely throughout our homes, the need to solder it may occasionally arise. Perhaps your kids have managed to dislodge a wire in an electric toy, for example. Soldering copper is a fairly easy task for the homeowner to complete, providing that they follow a few simple instructions.

Mar 2012

How To Melt Copper Wire

If you ever come across the need to melt down some copper wire perhaps you want to create something new out of your scrap metal or you need to attach the wires to another metal surface - you may look at the wiry strands and wonder how on earth you hope to achieve this.