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March 2012

The Truth About Scrap Metal

When it comes down to it, there is a lot about scrap that people just never knew before. This has led to all sorts of misconceptions about the selling and buying of scrap, as well as many myths surrounding the metal’s worth. In order to sort out the real from the fabricated, here is the truth about scrap metal:

Scrap metal is actually a profitable good

As with any commodity, the prices of scrap can fluctuate on occasion but, by staying up to date with the latest market worth you can help to ensure that you sell your collection at the right times. It is also one of the only commodities that doesn’t loose its worth with age – as metal can be recycled again and again, your price will depend ultimately on the current demands.

Scrap metal is worth more when sold in bulk

When selling your scrap to a dealer, you will find that the more you have of a particular type of metal, the more value it will have. This is because you are able to get rid of all of your scrap at one time, instead of getting rid of it item by item (which takes up a lot of time that you could be out there looking for more metal to sell).

Scrap metal dealers can charge you for disposal

If you are getting rid of a large scrap item, such as your old car, most dealers will actually charge you a few for getting rid of the parts that they cannot recycle or resell. As the public doesn’t have many other choices for getting rid of their old metal, they are forced to pay these fees.

Don’t believe everything that you hear about scrap metal – there are plenty of myths floating around surrounding the value of the metal, and many people believe that it is just not worth buying and selling. It is clear from the truths above, however, that this really is not the case.