Free bin supply + pick up for Industrial customers.


February 2019

Metal Suppliers in Melbourne: Why Choose Highett?

When it comes to metal, it’s no surprise that you want the best for your business. Whether you’re looking for aluminium, copper or brass, there is no end to the number of products you can create when working with a premium quality material. If you’re a brand-new business looking for a trustworthy supplier or an established company in need of a reputable dealership, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choice you’re faced with. Luckily, Highett Metal has a reputation for being the best metal suppliers in Melbourne. If you’re wondering what makes us the number one choice, you’ve come to the right place!

Wide Range of Products

When it comes to metal, we’re proud to offer a huge range of brass, aluminium and copper, as well as a wide selection of recycled metals, to ensure all your needs are met. 

  • Aluminium: We specialise in round and hex concentric machining bars, ideal for auto lathes and high production engineering. Our products are sourced from the world’s finest mills, so you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality, every time.
  • Brass: With competitive prices and a wide variety of alloys and sizes, it comes as no surprise that we’re the leading brass metal supplier in the region. Fully certified under international standards, we only supply metal that we would be happy to use ourselves.
  • Copper: Our range of copper is continuously expanding to meet the constant demand of customers Australia-wide. Specialising in large coils of copper tubing and coils, we offer quality assurance for your peace of mind.

Onsite Facilities

With a public weigh-bridge on site, we’re proud to supply our customers with everything their business needs. If you’re picking up a large order and you want to be sure that you’re still driving safely and legally, our weighbridge facilities are capable of measuring up to 80 metric tons.

Free Industrial Bin Supply 

We’ve found offering a free bin supply to our industrial customers – including pick up and drop off – is a sound decision for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides a place for you to store all excess scrap that your business collects. Secondly, you can make back money on your waste when you sell the scrap back to our team. Lastly, it allows us to recycle and reuse scrap that would otherwise end up in landfill – something that we are all now very conscious about. 

Premium Reputation

As a family business with almost 60 years’ experience, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve developed and maintained. As one of the oldest and most established metal traders in the state, we continuously strive to offer unparalleled customer service to everyone we meet. There’s a reason we’re the number one metal suppliers in Melbourne.

Narrowing down dealerships and suppliers doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Once you know what you’re looking for, it becomes clear the direction that you will need to take. Highett is proud to offer premium products at affordable prices – all without any of the hassle. With five decades of experience and a wide range of services to match, if you’re looking for the best metal suppliers in Melbourne, look no further!