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September 2019

Effective Ways to Reduce Scrap Metal at Your Workplace

Reducing waste should be the priority of every business; we are becoming more aware about the impacts of mining and manufacturing virgin materials and the addition of excess waste into landfill. Not only that, by reducing waste, you can create more cost-effective products, and invest money into growing your business instead.

For many businesses, scrap metal is a common by-product of their manufacturing process – and if you work to reduce scrap metal, you may also see an increase in your profitability too! If you’re wondering how to do so in your own workplace, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Order quantities and sizes that meet your needs

    By placing your orders for quantities and sizes that you know you will need for your project, you’ll see far less waste than if you simply get the largest size available. All this requires is simple planning and un understanding of the products on the market.

  • Plan designs around common rod sizes

    This step will require a bit more forethought, but is an excellent way to reduce scrap metal in the workplace. During the design stage, it pays to plan for sizes of Rod and Hex that are the closest possible to the finished size and are available ex-stock.

  • Minimise handling of delicate parts

    If certain aspects of your products are incredibly delicate, it’s important that you plan to handle them as little as possible – each time it is unnecessarily moved, you are increasing the likelihood that the part will become scrap metal!

  • Triple measure before you cut

    This is an age-old adage that is widely used across the construction industry, and it pays to use when cutting metal as well! If you are off in your measurements, the piece that you are working with may become completely unusable – and will have to be thrown away!

  • Use the right equipment

    Using equipment that has been specifically designed to cut or weld the metal that you’re working with is critical – using the wrong tools can lead to ruined material and broken equipment, neither of which are great for your bottom line.

If you’re still struggling to reduce scrap metal, then it may be wise to speak with your metal supplier. At Highett Metal, we offer free bin supply and pick up for our industrial customers, providing an easy place for you to quickly dispose of your scrap as it arises.

You may also consider selling your excess metal, as certain metals – such as aluminium and copper, just to name a few – can offer an excellent return. We have launched our own app on the Apple App Store called the Scrap Mobile App that allows you to quickly check daily prices.

If you’re interested in learning more about anything we have talked about in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact the experienced team at Highett Metal on 9587 7080 today!