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Stainless Steel Scrap

At Highett, we’re happy to buy all kinds of scrap, from the kitchen sink all the way through to dairy equipment. Stainless steel is the name given to a variety of chromium steel that contains between 11% and 15% chromium and around .45% carbon. Small amounts of silicon and/or manganese are also sometimes present.

Unfortunately, due to new government legislation, we can no long pay cash for cans in Victoria – instead, payments are made via cheque or EFT.


Why should I recycle?

We understand the importance of recycling scrap metals when they are no longer needed. This not only helps us to avoid tapping into the earth’s natural resources (which are already becoming depleted), it helps us to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions (which harm the environment)


Is some scrap worth more than others?

We know that many people see stainless steel as relatively worthless because there is so much of it around, but it is important to note that it often contains iron, chrome, nickel and molybdenum (which are valuable). Contaminated grades are also going to be less valuable than pure ones.


How much is it worth?

We are unable to provide you with an exact stainless steel scrap price, as they are changing all the time. To find out the current market value or to learn more about how much we will pay, download our Scrap Mobile App or contact us at our facility for the most up to date information.

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