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Cash for Cans

We offer cash for cans in Victoria, regardless of whether they contained soft drink or food. Too many end up in landfill or are dumped, which can be damaging for the environment in more ways than one. We ensure that all cans are recycled and reused as often as possible.


Why should I recycle?

We believe that there are plenty of reasons why you should recycle with cash for cans centres, including that it is good for the environment and reduces the need for raw materials. Around one million aluminium cans go into landfill each year – they could all be recycled and put back into circulation.


Can I recycle a few cans at a time?

We recommend that you wait until you have a considerable collection before you bring them into our facility. The amount of cash a can that you will receive is quite low – it is all about the weight – so waiting until you have a few kilograms to recycle will be more worth your while.


How much is it worth?

When it comes to cash for cans prices, we cannot give you an exact figure (as they’re changing all the time). If you would like to know how much your collection is worth or how much we will pay, please download our Scrap Mobile App or drop into our Braeside facility.

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