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Sell Lead Scrap

We accept all kinds of lead scrap in Melbourne; with more people becoming aware of how lead poisoning can occur, it is important to ensure that you are disposing of it appropriately. We offer fair scrap lead prices and guarantee that the metal will be disposed of safely and legally.


What can I recycle?

We happily accept all kinds of lead, including: clean sheet, clean pipe, batteries and battery plates, wheel weights, roof flashing, window sash weights, lead lighting, and covered cable. Basically, any object that contains this metal can be recycled! Please contact us if you are unsure about an object.


Why should I recycle?

As well as the environmental benefits, there are also a number of health benefits associated with recycling lead. Poisoning can occur when the metal is ingested or inhaled (as dust), and this can lead to all sorts of nasty symptoms (like anemia and headaches) so it is best to remove it when no longer needed.


How much is it worth?

We are, unfortunately, unable to provide an exact figure for lead scrap prices in Melbourne, as they change regularly. If you would like to see the current prices or to find out how much we will offer, please download our Scrap Mobile App – all of the latest information will be at your fingertips!

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