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Sell Copper Scrap

We accept all kinds of scrap copper in Melbourne; with deposits depleting around the world and demand increasing, we are eager to help you do your bit by recycling this metal when it is no longer needed. We offer fair prices for your stock in the hope it won’t end up in landfill.


What can I recycle?

We happily accept all kinds of scrap copper, including: solids, non-solids (such as turnings, dust, chips, etc), breakage (such as engines, transformers, etc), burnt, millberry, domestic, and PVC insulated. Basically, anything that has been made using this valuable metal can be recycled.


Why should I recycle?

We understand that there are many benefits to recycling scrap, including: it is cheaper to recycle metal than it is to mine it raw from the earth, recycling copper leads to energy savings of around 85%, the need to mine less equals lower CO2 emissions, and we use less of our natural resources.


How much is it worth?

We are unable to provide an exact figure for scrap copper prices in Melbourne, as they change all the time. If you would like to see current prices or to find out how much we will give you, please download our Scrap Mobile App – it will put you in touch with all the latest information!

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