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Sell Aluminium Scrap

At Highett, we’re happy to buy aluminium scrap; this is the second most widely used metal in the world today and, as such, there is a lot that is no longer in use or being tossed into landfill when it could be recycled. We accept anything made of aluminium, from window extrusions and off cuts to soft drink cans.

Unfortunately, due to new government legislation, we can no long pay cash for cans in Victoria– instead, payments are made via cheque or EFT.


Why should I recycle?

We believe that there are many reasons why you should recycle, the main one of which is to reduce the amount of aluminium scrap that ends up in landfill (around one million cans each year). It also reduces the need for raw materials to be mined and reduces the use of our energy resources.


Is some scrap worth more than others?

We classify different values to metal depending on how it has been graded – pure scrap (meaning it is free of zinc, iron, plastic, felt, paper, cardboard, dirt, etc) is worth more than contaminated metal (meaning it contains one or more alloys, is dirty or otherwise tainted).


How much is it worth?

We cannot provide an exact figure for scrap aluminium prices in Melbourne, as they are changing frequently. If you would like to see the current prices or to find out how much we will give you, please give us a call on (03) 9587 7080 or download our Scrap Mobile App – it is filled with the most up-to-date information!

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