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We accept all kinds of radiator, whether it has come from a standard car or an air conditioning unit. We understand that, once damage has occurred, these parts are relatively unsalvageable and will sit around your workshop or garage gathering dust. We can ensure they are recycled properly.


What radiators are accepted?

We accept all kinds of radiator, whether they are still in working order or are damaged beyond repair. They contain a range of valuable metals that can be recycled and used again – copper and brass are found in auto ones, whereas copper and aluminium are found in air conditioners.


Do I need to prepare the radiator?

We ask that all radiators you want to recycle be cleaned out prior to being dropped off. Simply flush the system with a hose and remove any contaminants (such as rubber and plastic). If you would like, you can separate the different metals. This will also help to improve the price you are offered.


How much is it worth?

We are unable to provide an exact price for old radiators for sale, as it will depend on the metals they contain and the presence of other contaminants. If you would like to find out how much we will pay, please bring the part into our Braeside facility so we can take a look.

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