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Sell Car Scrap for Cash

We offer cash for scrap cars in Melbourne of all shapes and sizes. It does not matter whether the vehicle is old, broken down, been in an accident, damaged, used or otherwise unwanted – we want to buy it! Please contact our team today and tell them you want to “sell my scrap car for cash”!


What vehicles are accepted?

We make selling old cars for scrap in Melbourne easy – all we need is the make, model, colour and VIN number. We accept all makes and models (from Alfa Romeo through to Volvo) and ensure that the vehicle is recycled in a correct and environmentally friendly manner.


Can I get paid on the spot?

We know that people sell scrap cars for cash when they are either short of money or doing a big clean out. We are able to pay you on the spot for scrap cars in Melbourne or we can send you a cheque in the mail – the payment method is entirely up to you and what suits you best!


Can you pick my vehicle up?

We are, unfortunately, unable to pick up cars for scrap metal at this time. If the vehicle is running, you are welcome to drive it into our warehouse (please contact Vicroads for a Unregistered Vehicle Permit, if required), otherwise you are welcome to tow, truck or trailer it in.

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