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At Highett Metal, we are dedicated to supplying customers in Australia and New Zealand wide with high quality aluminium machining bars. Our prices will suit any project and budget, allowing us to cater for everyone’s needs, whether it is for one bar or a thousand.

We source our machining bars from the world’s finest mills and are fully assured of their quality. This means that you, too, can be confident you are getting the best product available. Using the preferred alloys of 2011, 6061, 6262 and 7075, we specialize in aluminium rounds, hexes and squares. We are continuously updating both our stock numbers and our huge selection of aluminium products.

Also take a moment to browse our extensive range of aluminium scrap metal products, including:
-    Litho
-    Extrusion
-    Cast
-    Remelt

Feel free to email or call us on (03) 9587 7080 for any additional information or enquiries about our aluminium products.
Aluminium Rod

Aluminium Rod
Aluminium Rod

Aluminium Rod